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Stylish Laptop Bags by knomo

In the past year, I've lugged my MacBook Air halfway across the world. It's followed me to Paris, Chicago, New York, Maine, Brighton and London (many, many times). Everyday we ride the bus to my city centre studio, and together we've navigated delayed trains, packed platforms and 6 hour flights. My Air is very well-travelled, and all that to-ing and frow-ing requires a laptop bag that's practical yet pretty, because let's face it - no one likes nylon.

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Lille Laptop Satchel, c/o knomo

I bought this knomo bag at the beginning of the year and have used it almost every day since. I love it, so I was delighted when knomo got in touch to ask if I'd like to try a new bag from their AW12 collection. Of course I said 'HELL YES' and a few days later, my beautiful Lille was sitting proudly on my desk.

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First, let me state the obvious - this bag is beautiful. The Lille is structured and sturdy, functional but oh-so fabulous. The leather is textured and the zips and buckles give it a military feel. Peek inside and there's that gorgeous hot pink, quilted lining, with three compartments and a plethora of pockets for all that stuff you simply cannot leave the house without - five lipsticks (all pink), last week's Stylist (read three times) and two umbrellas (both broken).

The middle section is padded and zippered to keep your technology safe - my 11in Air fits easily as it can hold up to 13in of computing goodness. If I'm travelling far I put my power cable in one of the other sections, and use the third for my purse, diary, Kindle, etc.

There's a detachable strap if you'd rather carry the Lille over your shoulder than in the crook of your arm - I like to alternate - and it's strong enough to reassure me there won't be any 'bag-strap-broken-tampons-all-over-floor' situations. There's also a special knomo ID tag sewn inside, so if you leave it (or any knomo bag) in a taxi/on the train/under a park bench and some kind soul finds it, they can trace you for a happy reunion.

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I use my Lille most days and this is what I carry - my Air, makeup bag (Bloomingdale's), sunglasses (Topshop case), lipstick, Oyster and studio cards (Kate Spade holder), Filofax, Kindle and my purse (Herm├ęs via car boot sale - best thrift find EVER!). Even with all this lot there's plenty of space to spare and it doesn't feel too heavy because the weight is distributed so cleverly across the three sections.

The Lille is £325 - expensive. But I've never seen a better example of 'you get what you pay for' - the quality is undeniable, the design is modern and sleek and the whole range is just generally awesome. If the price has you raising your eyebrows, there are ways to save - knomo have a great sale on at the moment and if you follow them on Twitter, you'll hear about their sample sales where there are more bargains to be had. And next time you're in TK Maxx, keep an eye out for last season knomos at fab prices.




The Autumn/Winter 12 Collection from knomo is online now, and these are some shots from the look book. I was absolutely blown away by the styling of this collection and now have my eye pretty much everything - surely you can't expect me to go through life without an iPad cover, a Kindle sleeve and an iPhone pouch? And a girl can never have too many handbags...

Have you heard of knomo before? What do you think of the range?


  1. I hadn't heard of them before but that Lille bag is gorgeous! Definitely something I'd love to own. Can't beat practicality and beauty in one!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous bag <3 so classic and fits so much in it! xx

  3. I've never heard of Knomo before, but that bag is absolutely beautiful. I love the pink lining, and I love bags that have loads of compartments in them :) x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. 'let's face it, no one likes nylon.' Haha never a truer word spoken!

  5. I'd never heard of knomo before, but that bag is lovely! I think £325 is a lot to pay, especially if you're buying a laptop as pricey as a Mac, but I also think that having to replace a smashed up Mac is equally (in fact probably more) expensive!

    Pip x

  6. Such a functional yet cute bag!!!!! And it holds all the essentials!


  7. Oooooooh. I've just inherited a Macbook Pro, and normally I'd throw it into my giant bag, but this is a much better option. My back thanks you, my debit card does not!

  8. Beautiful bags.*_*
    Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Jen, I love the style of these. I'm looking out for a laptop bag so one might go on my Christmas list. :)

  10. Great post! If I had £325 I would bite their hand off for one of these.

  11. I've been searching for a laptop bag for ages but can't find one that's not boring and 'businessey', or pink and in-your-face girly.... but this one is perfect!

    Vanessa x

  12. Gorgeous bag!! Yes I have heard of Knomo I have one of their gorgeous Macbook Pro cover bags, it has a very luxurious feel to it.

  13. The model wears the Plato bodysuit by Aqua by Aqua in the last image :)

  14. I'd actually kill for this bag, I have a 10" netbook that would fit perfectly into this. Seems pretty sturdy and I love the idea of a padded lining for protection. I've been after a Mulberry for ages but I think I might need to change allegiances now =P xoxo

  15. I'd been coveting Knomo bags for a while for my 15" Sony Vaio but been balking at the price as they were nearly as much as the laptop but I hadn't thought of looking in TKMaxx until I read this! And then today I hopped in there for a quick look see and found a leather Jesi Knomo bag for £70 (down from £185) so big big thanks for the tip :)


  16. It's beautiful. I love the fabric and the attention to get more details.
    Personalized Laptop Sleeves

  17. What a gorgeous bag. Stunning!


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