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Monday, 17 September 2012

Comfortable Shoes at London Fashion Week

Despite my worrying large collection of heels (thanks, Sarenza), I'm most often found in flats. I love being comfortable, and tottering around on 6in stilettos is not my idea of fun... no matter how fashionable they may be.

I've been working with John Lewis during London Fashion Week to hunt down the most stylish people at Somerset House - all that rushing across the cobbles required a pair of shoes that combine form and function - my Nikes weren't going to cut it (unless they were hi-tops in a bright metallic - so hot right now) but there's no way I'd attempt those death stones in anything elevated.

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Somerset by Temperley brogues, c/o John Lewis | Antoni & Alison skirt, TK Maxx | T-shirt, Zara | Jacket, ASOS | Bag, Mulberry | Necklace, Zara | Hat, Topshop

I've had my eye on the Somerset by Temperley collection since I saw the preview on Vogue a few months ago, and the Larch brogues were a firm favourite. I wore them with a tweed skirt and cute kitty tee for an attempt at that irreverent East London style (not sure I pulled it off).

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I love the mix of patent and suede and despite requiring a little breaking in (hello blister plasters!), the sturdy soles meant I could flit from show to show all day long without hobbling to the nearest chair/leaning on a friend for support/freeing my feet from a fiery hell and sitting barefoot on the ground. Result!

Are you a flats fan or are you surgically attached to your heels?


  1. Great outfit!
    have a fun time in london!

  2. I too stuck to flats at LFW. Love the bowler hat too such a cute look.

    Debs x

  3. I am a heels girl through and through, but I can appreciate a beatiful pair of flats when I see them. I've been toying with the idea of buying some brogues for a while {I'm thinking cherry red or a deep claret}. These are beautiful. Terribly jealous of your John Lewis collaboration, that store is my idea of heaven!


  4. Lovely photos , those shoes are soo cute x

  5. You look great, I love those brogues and your skirt.
    I wear flats most of the time (because a 17 year old tottering round in heels everyday would look bizarre) but when I get the chance, I am partial to a 6inch..or 7....

  6. Check you out lady, you look great! Hope you're enjoying LFW and Bestival was fun. I was gutted I couldn't make it along in the end xx

  7. I was at LFW just the other day its a shame I didn't see you or I would have come and said hello!


  8. I love heels but I have a few pairs of flatforms now- illusion of height without the pain! x

  9. I'm smitten by your kitty t its so freakin cool!


  10. Yup, I'm now a flats woman. For some reason my feet won't tolerate high heels anymore. I will be going to London Fashion Weekend. Yay!

  11. Ooooh, and I love your outfit! :)

  12. I'm a massive flats fan! Literally can't put one foot in front of another in heels (I know, I know, I suck at being a girl).


  13. I'm absolutely a flats girl! I dabble in heels but only on occasion - I like shoes I can dance in!

  14. I LOVE your lipstick, what is it?!
    Agree with flats, remember crippling my feet last year wearing some sky high wedges, looked great but ouch.

    1. Just tweeted you Kel, but for anyone else reading through the comments - it's Mac's Morange! :)

  15. I cannot do heels. so its good to see someone wearing flats to a fashion event.

    The skirt is my favourite part of the outfit though!!


  16. looking lovely <3 xx


  17. Looking fab! Nothing wrong with digging out the flats once in a while, it can feel soooo good not having to hobble everywhere in heels (especially with some of the cobbled streets in London!) xoxo

  18. great outfit, the necklace is a beauty. Definitely comfortable shoes required for all the standing around/queuing! x

  19. I'm curious in that shoes if it's really for girls because as far as I know it is for boys. Whoa! But in fairness it's cool with your outfit! :)

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