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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

In the Countryside


Last week Rob and I were lucky enough to visit the Lake District for a stay at the Gilpin Hotel (more on that tomorrow). Despite living only two hours away I've never been to the Lake District before, and I was completely blown away by the beauty of the landscape.

IMG_8072 IMG_8226 IMG_8296 IMG_8293 IMG_8207

There's something so captivating about the country. Cities like New York and Barcelona have stunned me, but nothing takes my breath away like the British countryside. I think that's because it's so familiar, yet still so magnificent - no matter how many times I see the sun setting over the Yorkshire Dales or experience the sloping hills of the Pennines, I'm always awed.

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For a country wander around the Gilpin grounds, I wore a very pink outfit... I'm really into this 'tonal' thing at the moment and seem to dress strictly within one colour group. Luckily I coordinated with the tree, so all was well.

Do you have a favourite UK countryside spot? Recommendations for my next trip in the comments, please!


  1. Lovely outfit - I love the colour of those Hunters - I need a pair in my life! :)

    Helen x


  2. The Lake District a million times over - and it's so huge it'd take forever to see all of it. Definitely try to check out Wastwater one day; that place is heaven on earth.

  3. My favourite spot is the Lake District. My first ever visit was just a few weeks ago and I was blown away with the scenery! I think we both picked the best time to go - those autumn colours are hard to beat!

    Suffolk is also pretty gorgeous too - less of the hills, more of the constant changing skies!

  4. Wow looks amazing - I haven't visited the Lake District either and its something I really want to do!
    I love your barbour jacket!



  5. Beautiful photographs! Looks like you had a lovely time xxx


  6. Stunning photos and love your wellies :)


  7. I love that last photo - amazing colours!

  8. What beautiful photos, I love the Lake District. Sounds like a great weekend xo

  9. I have visited England a few times and I mostly stay in Oxford. The Oxford meadow is a beautiful piece of land on the Thames that always feels vast and idyllic to me, even though it's right by the town. Cows and horses freely roam around and walking from town to town along the river is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    Last time I was in England I rented a car for a day and drove to the Southern coast. And I have to say, that one of the most beautiful spots I've ever been to was at Durdle Door. Definitely worth the car rental.

  10. Go a bit further north in Scotland next time you visit! Love your wellies xx

  11. Amazing photos, so colorful and vivid! I just love autumn so much!

  12. wow what an outfit so lovely!!


  13. This looks absolutely beautiful!

    I agree, you definitely can't beat the British countryside sometimes.

    hmm maybe...

  14. Really stunning outfits,, wonderful colors..
    its a lovely combo with the boots and the pants !!!
    one should have a personality to carry out these outfits...
    but really good !!!

    relevant outfits!~!`

  15. really great colors to have as an outfit!!!
    specially the brighgt top , the pants and the boots combo!!
    its simple but really stylish,, one should know how to carry out these clothes !!

    need all of these~!

  16. Wow looks amazing - I haven't visited the Lake District either and its something I really want to do!


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