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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

We'll Meet In New York City

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Tomorrow I'm heading out to New York City. It's my fourth time visiting the Big Apple and I'm just as excited now as I was before my first trip. The city is like a magnet, drawing me back with promises of new places to discover, new sights to see and plenty of new photo opportunities.

This trip is not like the others, though - my first visit was with Rob, my second and third with work for New York Fashion Week, but my fourth will be with girlfriends. And I know exploring a city with friends is an entirely different experience! I'm playing unofficial tour guide to my friends Lauren and Nicola as we take on NYC, Leeds-style. Bring on the Manhattans!

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I'll be 'out of office' for a few days, so I'll leave you with these snaps from my first trip to New York and a little request - if you've been to any amazing New York restaurants, bars, shops, sights, streets, whatever, I'd love to get your recommendations. Leave a comment with your top NYC tips and we'll try as many as we can.

See you next week! x


  1. Have a wonderful time in NYC!

  2. Long time lurker - first time commenter!

    I churn through favourites here in the city and these are my latest must-visits: Narcissa for dinner; Lovers of Today - lovely hideaway cocktail bar in the EV; Wallflower - another new cocktail bar with a French twist in the WV; Little Collins, Toby's Estate and Bluestone Lane - for when you need solid lattes; and of course Eataly.

    Have a great trip! Look forward to seeing photos of my (now) home.


    1. The Lovers of Today bar is one of the little VIP bars attached to Niagara that I mentioned! :-D

  3. Go to Little Italy area for dinner one night. AMAZING food. It's where I discovered Gnocchi. It's the best Italian you'll get (bar Italy itself). Such a lovely little area too, you turn the corner and it's like stepping into Italy with red white and green everywhere. Chinatown is taking it over though, they need people to keep visiting before the area disappears! OH and make sure you get a black & white cookie if you haven't before! Have a great trip xx

  4. Kitchenette in Tribeca is soo nice for breakfast, we went twice when with were in NYC! Hope you have a fun time, I'm so jealous!

  5. You made a typo in relation to your fourth trip being with friends.

    Have a great time though! I've never been but would love to. Love your blog. x

    1. Thank you Katie! Good spot, I've now amended. Obviously a little distracted this evening ;) x

  6. I definitely need to visit NYC! Looks fab! :) x


  7. NYC with girl friends will be the best experience you've ever had! ;-) Ave A / St Marks is the place I like to hang out the most in the whole city. Cool cafes, Tompkins Sq Park, great daytime bars, St Marks bookshop etc. Niagara bar is a good place to hit up for afternoon drinks or to party after 1am. It's a punk bar but attracts music label people too: there's the main bar and around the side two smaller "VIP" bars. I've seen Bon Iver there, the drummer from the Strokes etc. The main reason I go to it so religiously is that Ryan Adams wrote Heartbreaker in the bar back in 1999 <3

    I recommended you egg on twitter for food :-) A cute spot in Brooklyn http://www.eggrestaurant.com/

    For dancing, you can't beat the Hiro Ballroom. Madame X on west Houston is pretty fun too, plush red everywhere. Library bar nearby is very cool - strong strong drinks! On Ludlow Street nearby

    If you're around Williamsburg I'd recommend the Charleston bar. Total dive bar, blares Thin Lizzy but cheap drinks, fun atmosphere, especially in the later hours of the night (3am+).

    Great bookshops all over Bedford Ave, Beacon's Closet a must for clothes! In Manhattan, I'd recommend Some Odd Rubies - a clothes store run by Summer Phoenix (River and Joaquin's sister). Amazing selection of clothes here.

    As you're going with girlfriends, don't rule out a trip to somewhere like "The Cock" ;-) Party into the wee hours with some fabulous men! xx

  8. New York will be an even better place tomorrow - because YOU will be there! Have THE BEST time, Jen. I'll miss your blog whilst you're away. xxxx

  9. You have to go to Bubba Gumps (yes it's touristy, no I don't care...) enjoy and shop, shop, shop! X

  10. If you're on the Lower East Side there are two places that are perfect to have dinner/drinks with your girlfriends - Schiller's and Freeman's. Schiller's has great desserts and is great for people watching, and Freeman's is a beautiful little hidden gem. Have fun!

  11. I know it sounds like a good old cliche, but oh I wish I was there... x

  12. Ahhh I'm so jealous I've been a few times too but only once with all girls and it was the best time!!!
    You're going to have a ball xo

  13. Make sure you check out different neighborhoods in the city! Downtown is where it's at: hit up Soho and the East Village one day, then tackle Brooklyn another day. There's so much amazing stuff outside of Midtown that so many people from out of town never see. :)

    - Samantha

  14. Joe's pizza, Greenwich village (if you haven't already tried a cheeky slice to go on previous visits) Honestly the best pizza I've tasted outside of Italy and would thoroughly recommend to anyone. Love this blog and will look forward to seeing some NY updates very soon.


  15. So jealous! I love NYC and haven't given it the time I'd like to for a few years now... dying to go back!

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  16. Oh have an amazing time Jen! I've always wanted to go with friends (more shopping and cocktails time) I'm sure if you've been before you're familiar with all of this but I loved Chelsea Market and for a good shopping option I'd suggest Williamsburg in Brooklyn, lots of vintage stores and there'e an awesome flea market at the weekends too...

    This post might help...

    And if you do go to Williamsburg, go to Dumont Burgers - amazing!

    Have fun!!

  17. You should take a tour in a Water Taxi, it's so funny and you can take a well deserved rest after walking through the city.

    Also f you plan to go to a lot of tourist places I think a good idea is to buy a New York Pass, that's a very good way to save time and money while on NYC.

    Enjoy your trip!

  18. Even though I'm within relatively easy driving distance to Manhattan (I live on Long Island) it's been quite a while since I spent time in the City. I used to visit there a lot and loved the variety of cuisine that a vegetarian could find yummy dishes in - Indian, Greek, Italian, French. I don't know if the restaurants I ate at are still there or not. 20 years ago, Though expensive, I liked Gaylords for Indian cuisine, the French crepes at the Magic Pan, Felafel at Amy's or the Greek Delphi Restaurant on 7th Avenue downtown. Zabar's delicatessen was amazing but the lines were long. I wonder if those restaurants are still there and still good? I miss shopping at Gimbels (out of business) but I'm sure I'd love going to Macy's at Herald Square again (34th Street).
    I love your dress in the third photo.
    I wonder whether there will any No Pants (trousers) Day events on Friday May 2nd or any Cinco de Mayo parades or celebrations? I'm sure there must be some happening somewhere in the City.
    Enjoy your visit! As I recall there were television studios on 58th Street close to the Southern side of Central Park.


  19. I'm so jealous! I want to see NYC too :(

    I'm a beginning fashion blogger, check it out www.shawsy.blogspot.com

  20. Angelica Kitchen for brunch!
    300 East 12th Street, NYC, 10003 • 212-228-2909

  21. I LOVE new york! Hope you have a fab time there, it's hard not to!


  22. I don't know if this is too late but A.G. Kitchen did pretty amazing burgers, also the boats are available to use on the lake in Central Park in April - that's a lot of fun!

  23. I want to go to New York so bad! :)


  24. Looking glam girl!



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