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My name is Jen.

I'm a freelance online writer and social media manager, dividing my time between Leeds and London (and sometimes New York City). A Little Bird Told Me is the place I write about fashion, beauty, travel and life in general.

I love second hand shopping, British heritage brands, fancy candles, expensive beauty products, red wine, thai food and witty asides written in brackets. Expect to see all that (and more) on these pages (witticisms not guaranteed).

Always wondered...

How to get in touch?
You can email me at jen at littlebirdfashion dot com. Want a more instant response? Tweet me.

What I do for a living?
I have my own business, The Friendly Copywriting Company. I work with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel brands to develop and manage their social media communications. I also write web copy, articles, blog posts and a whole host of other online things. If you're interested in going freelance and want to learn more, check out this post I wrote about my experiences.

What I did to be able to do what I do for a living?
I'm often asked what I studied/where I worked before I went freelance, so here's my Education and Early Career story:

I went to a pretty bad state school and got 10 GCSEs. I went to an okish college and got 3 A Levels (English Literature, Sociology and Media Studies). I went to an okish uni (Leeds Metropolitan) and got a 2:1 degree in Media and Popular Culture. Yep, I'm one of those people with a 'Micky Mouse' degree.

Then I started the long, slow climb up the infamous ladder, starting as a Junior Copywriter in a digital advertising agency and working my way up through Copywriter, Lead Copywriter and then Community Manager. After a year as a Community Manager I left my job and used my agency and blog contacts to set up on my own. My current title is Online Community and Social Media Manager, Digital Copywriter, Blogger and Statement Necklace Obsessive.

If you'd like a more detailed look at my career history (it's fascinating, trust me), you can find me on LinkedIn.

If I can help with your dissertation/new business/burgeoning career?
I will try my very best, so please do pop me an email. It's a terrible blogger cliché but I do get lots of emails, so give me a little time. If I haven't replied to you after two weeks, feel free to send a friendly reminder or give me a nudge on Twitter!

How I started blogging and got people reading?
I put lots of effort into it! I'm constantly thinking, writing and promoting. It's hard work but totally worth it. Take a look at my Lazy Girl's Guide to Blogging for some tips, or read my posts in the blogging category.

What camera I use?
Until March 2012, the majority of my photos were taken with a Canon G11, which I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone who likes photos but isn't very good at taking them (like me). I bought mine on eBay. I recently upgraded to a Canon 500D and I'm learning how to use it (slowly).

How I edit my photos?
I use Photoshop to crop and resize my photos. To get beautifully bright images in one click, I use Carrie's amazing Photoshop actions.

Where I find so many charity shop/car boot bargains?
Take a look at The Lazy Girl's Guide to Thrifting to see my top tips for second hand shopping. If you're in Leeds or the general Yorkshire area, my post on charity shops, car boots sales and vintage stockists in Leeds might help.

Where I got that dress/those jeans/that necklace from?
I always list the pieces that make up my outfits, and where they're from, in my posts. If I've missed something, just let me know!
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